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C-Section Recovery Program
C-Section Recovery Program, Cesarean births, scar tissue, secondary fertility challenges

C-Section Recovery Program


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According to the CDC in 2014, Cesarean births were performed at a rate of 32.2% in the United States.  While many of these c-sections are done for convenience of the provider and failed induction there are occasions when the c-section procedure is needed to safely birth a baby, such as a breech presentation or a medical emergency.















A testimonial from Liz W. …

“I am so thankful to have found you.  I feel so much better physically than when we first met and I think you are so gifted.  Thank you for being so patient and thoughtful with my recovery.”


Once the c-section is done and a woman has been released from medical or midwifery care, there are little to no suggestions made to help with the recovery process.
During the cesarean delivery a horizontal incision is made to the lower segment of the uterus which can cause a significant amount of scar tissue and start the front of the uterus adhering to the back of the bladder. This type of scar tissue can cause a restriction of movement and ultimately lessen blood flow to the entire pelvic area. This can cause secondary fertility challenges.
Our c-section recovery program can help you start to rehabilitate 6 weeks after your surgery. You must have your physician’s clearance and no wound gaping, active infection, or significant pain at the incision site.
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